Residence Permits in Turkey


Obtaining Residency Permit New

Residence permit in Turkey if you own a property in Turkey the new law now states you can automatically be granted and approved a residence permit for a period of one year thereafter you must reapply and pay the fees stated at that period in time .

You can purchase a permit for any amount of months from 1 to 60 however on first application the minimum period is 6 months and maybe limited to maximum 12 months period.

Your passport must be valid for at least the lenght of time for which the permit is to run.

Documents required for first application of Residence permit in Turkey long term

5 passport size photos

Your passport

Photocopies of these pages of your passport : the page showing your photo , the page stamped at your last entry , the page where the validity and expiry dates are marked.

Your Turkish Tax number to pay the fee at the Local Tax office

The correct payment in cash

Photocopy of your Tapu / Rental agreement (one for each applicant )

Documents can vary from district to district in Turkey , in some districts you will be required to provide proof that you have enough money in a Turkish bank or monthly income to support yourself for the duration term of the permit .

The Procedure

New up to date information can be found here all applications must make an online appointment prior to visiting the local Turkish immigration offices : –

Take all your documents and money to the local immigration offices in your district.

See the officer show your documents and state the period of residence permit you want . The officer will give you a form for the Tax office .

Go to the Tax office and pay them the fees, you will get a receipt .

Return back to the immigration office , the officer will give you a form to fill in (in English) complete the form give it to the officer along with your other documents and receipt from the Tax office.

The officer will check everything, complete of the form and tell you when to return ( 1 or 2 weeks depending on their workload )

When you return to collect your permit take your passport


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